28. - 29. October 2017


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About Tantra Festival / welcome to the 6th edition!

Tantra Festival is a celebration of Tantra in all its many facets. For one weekend, the best practitioners and teachers in the field of Tantra from Czech Republic and Europe will come together to create a dynamic and exciting program of lectures, workshops and presentations on a broad number of Tantra topics. The festival will also include inspiring performances, games and other activities.

The leitmotiv of this edition is On the Wings of Love. Tantra is a spiritual path which involves all means and energies of life to boost our spiritual evolution. On the Wings of Love is an expression of openness and acceptance that every tantric practitioner must have together with strong inner will to find the divine essence in all of our life experiences and a will to transform what is profane into sacred. 

  • greater understanding of the true meaning of Tantra
  • many tools and techniques to use and work with on your own or with a partner
  • a higher perspective of life and the universe
  • amazing experiences and long lasting memories
  • inspiration and aspiration to begin or continue your tantric journey
  • and perhaps some new friends…

What to expect / festival events

Interactive tantric practice

Discover the profound wisdom and the intense joy of the Tantric practice, awaken your awareness through deep and enjoyable contact with other people on the spiritual path. See how the joy of interactive games can lead to beautiful emotional and spiritual experiences. Go beyond the superficial level and discover the living pulsation of the heart in yourself and in others.

Inspiring Lectures

Leading Tantra teachers will share their vast knowledge and direct experience of the practice, philosophy and purpose of Tantra in a way that can be understood and applied by modern people. Some of the most fundamental Tantric secrets regarding sacred eroticism, divine love and the power of hidden subtle energies will be exposed in detail, in a warm, intimate and interactive environment.

Couple activities

The game of polarity between masculine and feminine is the fundamental engine of all the energies in Tantra. We invite you to savor consciously and attentively the flow of energies between Man and Woman. The fundamental keys of this polar game will be explained and experienced directly. The activities will be open both for couples and for those who come without a partner and will be assigned with a partner there.

Men's events

In these events the men will meet together to learn about the power and wisdom of the Tantric man. The real meaning of spiritual masculinity will be revealed and experienced, as well as the secrets of masculine charisma and masculine magnetism as they are revealed in the Tantric tradition. The awaking of the masculine consciousness, dynamism and willpower will be in the spotlight of these activities.

Women's events

In these events the women will meet together to uncover the feminine mystery and power that is hidden inside every woman. The knowledge and practice of these activities will reveal, through direct experience, what makes a woman blossom and radiant with beauty, joy and magnetism. A key concept of these activities will be the awakening of divine femininity.


In the workshops the emphasis will be on the practice and interactive aspects of Tantra. The ancient and secret knowledge of Tantra will be brought to life through inspired activities and games, which will allow each one of us to feel and to understand the true meaning of Tantra directly in the space of the heart. Curiosity and full involvement are welcome here. 

Pricing & Tickets / festival for everyone


Door price is 1950 CZK


Door price is 1850 CZK

Practical stuff / instructions for foreigners

Please see the schedule and speakers’ list in the automatic translation of this site or check the summary here. At all times of the festival, at least one of the three activities taking place simultaneously will be in English. We will meet during the weekend 28. – 29. 10. in andel's by Vienna House Prague. Full address: andel's by Vienna House Prague, Stroupeznickeho 21, 15000 Prague, Czech Republic. See the online map and travel instructions. Parking is available for hotel guests (paid).

You can order lunch (199 CZK) and dinner (199 CZK) for Saturday and lunch for Sunday (199 CZK) together with the ticket. Meals will be served in the hotel restaurant. Visitors of the festival have a discount for a room in the hotel. If you need accommodation please reserve a room here. For more information call +420 296 889 688. If you need any assistance with ticket booking or you have any questions please contact us

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Festival FAQs / find your answers

No, you can come as a single or in couple. To come with your partner is a great way to deepen your relationship, but if you have no partner, no problem . If there are any workshops specific to couples, this will be detailed in the program. For all other workshops, partners are formed for exercises if needed there and then.

Tantra Festival is a sensual festival, and there may be exercises with sensual touches, but no exercises that involve intercourse or physically intimate sexual interaction. If there a workshop that is more sensual, it will be detailed in the program.

No, Tantra Festival is a dressed festival. If there are any specific exercise where some nudity may occur, this will always be voluntary.

You can choose to participate in anything as far as you want., without any pressure. If there is something that feels too much, you can always choose to go out, or go to the side.

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